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Title: 1.29 Patch
Post by: uakf.b on April 16, 2018, 05:14:52 pm
I updated for the 1.29 patch. There's a note in the README about the patch:

For 1.29, put Warcraft III.exe in the bot_war3path. You may name it Warcraft III.exe or warcraft.exe.

war3.exe, game.dll, and storm.dll are no longer needed.

Also, use War3x.mpq instead of War3Patch.mpq. (Actually, it is recommended that you extract common.j and blizzard.j yourself and put them in bot_mapcfgpath, since the new MPQ file is very large. Make sure to also exclude War3x.mpq from bot_war3path so that the host bot does not attempt to read the archive.)