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A new connector
« on: March 04, 2014, 02:05:15 am »

since some people where intereseted in a platform overall i thought about this option and also thought about the possibiliteies, talked with some people and got their ideas.

The first point which was really upcoming was that there was the thread about ONE platform, however the idea is nice, but isnt it some years to late? How is it possible to bind players who didnt moved yet to garena nor to rgc to a platform? I guess there is only a small amount of players who would be there to use it.
I remember uakf.b created once a platform ghostclient, i didnt spend time on that nor i really noted that this was an 'upcoming' thing and was used by people. To create a new platform isnt really a good option for us as hosters.

So what would be the best options to bind players? The best idea is in my opinion a very good designed and functional connector, like GProxy only with more possibilities. Wc3connect is nice, but the latest and upcoming changes on wc3connect are probably always killing us because of the security updates. Add the domain as exception etc. I also noticed sometimes memory issues on browser side.
The current gproxy's are bad designed, its only for function but who want to use a bad looking gproxy? Users/Players have mostly no knowledge from coding this, so they only look how it looks like. Also curses mod only improve it at a minimum level.

So the only way left IMO is to create a new connector which looks nice and can be useful for everyone:
- We can easily integrate a maphack protection...We have it on our current system, but we could directly remove files or furtheremore restrict the join process for them.

Now some questions:
- Is it possible to read the list.php from wc3connect on C++ and decode it to a gamelist? Furtheremore is it possible to generate the list directly on the botside?
- Is it possible to renew gproxy? I know gproxy is old and it doesnt work ~that~ good. Is there a way to still work and improve it?
- Who would help us on this idea to create one connector which can be fully integrated in every system?



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Re: A new connector
« Reply #1 on: March 04, 2014, 02:50:23 am »
Hmm, project Open Source is good, i agree..
I can make a client and a server with list of chat users and simple commands with support ghost++  and add it on github..
More the problem is programmation language, i am pascal programmer..
Also i need know about reconnect of gproxy++ to make on the client of platform. Only about reconnect, don't is make proxy!
If you know programming in pascal's(delphi) I can start today and finish in 2 hours.
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Re: A new connector
« Reply #2 on: March 04, 2014, 03:39:25 am »
I cant programm in pascal neither delphi.

My plan is to do that in C++, it is very variable with the support of classes and pointers aswell and its fast.
Furtheremore I would like to go more in QT and work with it.