Author Topic: openban - WC3Banlist replacement for hostbots owners  (Read 1763 times)


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openban - WC3Banlist replacement for hostbots owners
« on: December 17, 2013, 06:45:54 am »
See http:// openban .org/ for more information. [not available at the moment]

 openban  is a unified ban list system that aims to facilitate the sharing of bans between game hosting entities (which may be individual players, hosting bot providers, gaming communities, etc.). There are two related systems, the second built on top of the first:

* Peer to peer: using the  openban  code, entities can import and export bans from each other. This is done through the sharing of API keys between entities.
* Centralized  openban .org runs the central  openban  server, where bans from participating entities are aggregated (bans may be imported by request). Then, entities wanting to incorporate the full ban list may request an API key.

Source code is currently at . Setting up on client side requires a cron job (or other scheduled task) with PHP/MySQL.

To request an API key for exporting/importing to/from  openban .org database, email the email address on http:// openban .org/ or post here with the required information; also say if you want to subscribe to the  openban  mailing list. [not available at the moment]

(c) uakf.b

From Profforg:

I want to reborn the project and translate all parts to Russian to let community use openban (for sure it'll available in English). I want to rethink some parts of it's code, make central database (but still be able to support multiple databases as a source). I'll modify openban scripts a bit to let all users simply use it. I'll try to add support for all existing database types (editions) so everyone will be able to use it. I want to let everyone to set up filters easily with just one line change in config. I want to make 'stable' filters, which will include only 100% correct ban's. Every bot owner can choose what bans to import. If someone wants he can import all ban`s regardless of it's correctness.

My first and the main question at the moment - what database 'types' do you use? Question is related only to 'bans' table.

There are few types i know:

GhostOne (or ghost_extended)
ENT-Ghost (not sure - similar to GhostOne??)
OpenHosting (not sure, because work in progress)

Is there any database editions which have modified 'bans' table? So i can add support for others?
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