Author Topic: bnglist - Game Lister (and more)  (Read 1703 times)


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bnglist - Game Lister (and more)
« on: December 17, 2013, 07:35:22 pm »
bnglist checks the game list and does various things with it. The project page is at

I originally started writing bnglist to list games. With this functionality, bnglist worker processes will connect to and send the GETADVLISTEX3 command and update a main bnglist server with games. These can then be displayed on a website or listed through the protocol.

There is also some code that would enable bnglist to serve as a proxy. In this way, someone can set up bnglist for multiple users or bots, and then less cd keys may be needed total if the users play at different times. Additionally, it would be possible for one cd key to be used in multiple games at the same time. The way that this is handled is that the client sends a JOIN request to the server. If bnglist is set up to allow JOIN, then it'll contact a worker to send a spoofcheck after one second. Immediately after sending JOIN, the client joins the game; client should be spoofchecked shortly after. bnglist will also be able to actually notify that it has joined a game. Currently, it looks like the client will have to use the username provided by the server, but I'm trying to make it so that the user can request a username.

Besides for normal players, the proxy functionality may also be used for hosts somehow; not sure how that'll work, but I'm writing something to allow clients to send CREATEGAME and DESTROYGAME so that the server will start refreshing after CREATEGAME.

Also I'm going to add some filter options so that the gamelist can be displayed with the filters. Then, users can identify custom games more easily (since isn't very good about filters). So if they want to play "awesomemap.w3x" they'll be able to filter that somehow.

Edit: JOIN works now, I'm working on a modified GProxy++ to connect to bnglist server instead of a realm.

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