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Felhound Hosting - Quality Hosting Solutions
« on: December 18, 2013, 02:28:45 pm »

About Us

Starting in 2013, Felhound Hosting is dedicated to creating a suitable environment for gaming servers, spread across multiple servers worldwide.

Initially starting as a gaming community, we founded a small company under the name of Felhound Hosting in order to allow other users and communities to benefit from our low prices and expertise, as well as our custom coded bots.

Here we're not focused on profitability: the main reason for this company to exist is for our community to gain monetary independence, no longer relying on donations to stay alive. But since we wish to allow for other communities to survive as well, we attempt to keep low prices: prices which they can afford.


We are currently located in Europe and in North America, with servers in the following locations:
  • Germany (Dusseldorf)
  • Netherlands (Amsterdam)
  • United Kingdom (South London)
  • United States, East Coast (New York) and West Coast (Los Angeles)

In Europe we have several locations but the location your bot is placed in depends solely on availability at the time. If you wish to have your bot placed in one location specifically, where we may or may not have servers, please contact our support and we'll see if we can help.

GHost++, PychOP, & GArena

GHost++ is the most successful host-bot in Warcraft III, being used by thousands of people worldwide. It is simple to use and to customize, and has a huge number of functionalities. We took GHost++'s source and made minor modifications to improve its overall usage.

PychOP is a channel bot with an extremely customizable plugin system, so that most features can be coded without any issues.

GArena Client Broadcast is a tool used to broadcast hosted games to GArena, so that players using that service can join without having to connect to the realm(s) the bot is hosting on.

Clan Hosting

We have a custom-developed set of Host and Channel bots, designed specifically with communities in mind. These can be classified as a branch from GHost++, and as such keep most of GHost++'s core functionality intact.

These bots were designed by clans, for clans, in order to provide a channel guard with hosting capabilities, with seamless integration. Many features were implemented in order to enhance clans' experience when using bots.

Since they are custom-developed by us, they are also under constant development and improvement. If you have any request for any specific functionality to be added to these bots, feel free to contact us and it will be added if it is seen as a good addition to our existing bots.

Bulk Purchases

Since one of our main focuses are gaming communities, we offer discounted prices for those who buy multiple bots.

We are able to give our customers who order in bulks significant discounts, and certain services for free (such as GArena Client Broadcast), so please contact us before making an order, if you're purchasing multiple bots.

Bots purchased in bulk are placed in separate servers with dedicated IPs, so they will never have any impact on other customers, and vice-versa.

Makemehost, Webhosting, and more!

As of December 2013, Felhound Hosting is working together with, by providing them with a list of our customers' games currently in lobby. If you do not wish to have your games advertised on their page, we will not give them access to your gamelist. Our objective with this partnership was to advertise our clients' games so that they were able to get more players in a shorter period of time.

Complimentary to bot hosting, we also sell webhosting. This webhosting is most suited for gaming communities, so that they are able to host a small website and grow even further.

Custom Servers
We also sell custom servers for services other than Warcraft III. If you wish to get a quota, please contact our support system and explain what you're looking for, and we'll do our best to provide you with high-quality but cheap services, tailored specifically for you.


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Re: Felhound Hosting - Quality Hosting Solutions
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I can vouch for this guy.