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DotA Allstats or simply Allstats is a statistics page written in PHP to show DotA stats saved by a GHost++ hosting bot. The three main contributors to it are/were Reiner, Billabong and Boltergeist. Allstats can work with a MySQL database and a SQLite database too.

Requiers on both platforms:

  • Webserver, like Apache or IIS
  • PHP enabled
  • MySQL Server or SQLite database from GHost++
  • SQLite tool for editing the database (only if you use SQlite)
  • GHost++ for filling data inside the database


You can download Allstats from the Googlecode page or via a subversion client. The link is at the end of this page.

Install Guide Linux (MySQL)

Note: This guide expect that you've set up a Webserver with MySQL already! However this guide describe Allstats in combination with a MySQL server!

First grab the package from Googlecode


Or if you use Subversion you can grab the code via

svn checkout allstats-read-only

Note that you don't need to unzip the archive, since you get the files directly.

Then unzip the zip archive with the unzip command


A new folder called Allstats-1.4.156 is created. Move that folder in your htdocs/ folder. (You should know were it is)

Use the mv command here:

mv Allstats-1.4.156 /opt/lampp/htdocs/dota

Note that this is just an example folder! Your htdocs folder can be in some other place!

Now change into the moved folder

cd /opt/lampp/htdocs/dota/

Now open the config.php file with your favorite editor, I use vim for example

vim config.php

The important settings are the MySQL settings in the file. Enter the correct information and save the file.

$host = 'MySQL IP usually localhost';
$username = 'username';
$password = 'password';
$databasename = 'database name of GHost++';

If you want to display the chatlog you need to specify the path to the replays folder. This can also be done in the config.php file.

Install Guide Windows (MySQL)

The instructions for Windows are similar.

  • First download the Allstats zip-archive from Googlepage.
  • Extract the files to the htdocs folder and change the name if you like.
  • Edit the config.php with Notepad, or your favorite Editor
  • Like in the Linux guide you have to enter your correct MySQL server correct username and password.
  • Save the file and it should work

TODO: (upload pictures, if uploads are enabled.) --Unreal 12:33, 3 August 2010 (EDT)

Links Googlecode page for DotA Allstats Thread in Codelain Forum