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DotA OpenStats is a MySQL based web statistic site for DotA. It is based on DotA Allstats but it contains a lot of fixes and a more advanced design. It is currently being developed and maintained by Neubivljiv and is very new, so some bugs/glitches might be present.


Some of the more advanced features include:

  • MySQL database. Data is updated automatically after every game ends.
  • Ajax.
  • Everything is sortable.
  • User friendly template system (html, .css based).
  • Top player statistics.
  • Adjustable scoring system.
  • Statistics for all players.
  • List banned players.
  • List admins.
  • Optimized queries.

And much, much more.

Download & Setup


You can currently download the newest version from sourceforge. Link below.

Download DotA OpenStats

ACP has also been added for developers or editors which you can use to manage bans, items, heroes, games etc....

 Username: admin
 Password: admin


Setup is similar is fairly easy. In order to find guide:

   1) Download the application from the link above 
   2) Extract the content from within the .zip file anywhere onto your computer
   3) Open the extracted folder and then open the folder called DOC
   4) There are currently 3 .txt files that contain instruction on setup and usage, open the one you wish and voila, you're done.