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Current Status of GHost++


What is GHost++?

GHost++ (Game Host C++) is a specially designed Warcraft III tool that will allow users to host custom and official maps on Battle.Net. GHost++ was created by Varlock but he has discontinued working on it, however certain users have volunteered to help out and they work on updating GHost++.

GHost++ was initially a C++ port from Project GHost by MrJag & NetRunner, which was itself an extension built on top of the first open sourced Battle.Net Game Host Project - LainEthLite by leax. Since then GHost++ has come a long way by featuring revolutionary functionalities such as Disconnect Recovery, Full DotA Stats Parsing, HCL Map Command Interface and much much more.

GHost++ comes with a lot of special features as well as MySQL/SQLite Database support which gives it a lot more flexibility compared to average hosting. It can be ran on any OS (Apart from Macintosh, but a specially edited version of GHost called Genie can be used for this), from any Linux one such as Ubuntu or Gentoo to your average Windows XP.


Please go to GHost++ Downloads for the latest version of GHost++. You can also find older version there.

Setup and Configuration

See for quick compilation instructions on Ubuntu.

Here are old setup guides, which may no longer work:

Tutorial and Guides

README and FAQ are the absolute minimal documentation you need to get information from for proper running GHost++, there are other guides aswell, you can find them here at the Wiki by using the search function.

Source Code Compilation and Functional Customization

Since GHost++ is open source under Apache2 License, anyone would be able to download it and modify to their needs. This however does require considerable programming knowledge and is not recommended for typical end users, you can find the basic guide here at How To Modify GHost++ Source. There are discussion board setup for exchanging ideas for programmers looking to customize the GHost++ project at GHost++ Support and Customization

Further Support and Requests

GHost++ is a pretty well documented application and it comes with a lot of tutorials; from simple how to setup GHost++ on Windows or on Linux to how to make your own changes to GHost++ and compile them. It is always advised to read GHost's ReadMe.txt file before running it. The ReadMe.txt is provided with the GHost++ installation (No matter what way you use to install it) or can be found here, at the wiki.

If you are experiencing any issues you can always look for the solution here at the wiki (After all this is what it is for) or, if all else fails, you can post a topic at GHost++ Forum

Genealogy & History

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Other Related Projects

Ever since GHost++ has been discontinued by Varlock, a whole new generation of GHost++ related projects have started to appear. Click on the project name to be taken to another page for more info.

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