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GHost++ Custom Build, better known as GHost CB, is a version of GHost++ that includes extra features submitted by other users. GHost++ is currently being developed by Instinct121 and the curses GUI was added by Destroya03.

Differences between GHost++ and GHost CB

GHost CB has extra features that GHost++ doesn't have. Almost all of these features were made by different users from the forum. However, most of these patches were also added to GHost++, so now there are only a few differences between GHost++ and GHost CB.

Another big differences between GHost++ and GHost CB is that GHost CB includes a sort of GUI. Not a GUI like the one GHostOne has, rather a console GUI that supports tabs, mouse usage and keyboard shortcuts called Curses GUI.

Downloading GHost CB

There are a few ways you can download GHost CB on Windows/Linux: The currently newest version is 3.6.

When you compile on Linux, don't forget to compile the pdcurses dependencies.