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GHost One is a heavily modified GHost++ with a GUI written in Delphi. It is currently being developed mainly by psionic and has debugging and minor development by Senkin and Metal_Koola. GHostOne's GUI is very noob friendly and allows beginners that don't like using the console GHost++ to use a feature enhanced version of it without having too look at that dull black console.

GHostOne is open sourced as well, however, it's GUI is not!


The GUI for GHost One is used for interacting with the bot trough UDP and modifying settings. The GUI does not work on any other OS than Windows. This doesn't mean you can't use GHostOne on any other OS, you just won't have advantage of having the GUI.

Differences between GHost++

GHost One is more feature rich, but has the downside of sometimes being more unstable than GHost++. The biggest difference is the GUI, some users may see it as messy, others may not.


The Current GHost One can be obtained 3 different ways: