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GProxy++ is a tool created by Varlock, which allows reconnecting to a GHost++ server in case of a Internet disconnect, WLAN interruption, or other network related issues which would normally cause a disconnect from the game.

This works because GProxy++ proxies the connection between GHost++ and Warcraft III. If you disconnect from the game, GProxy++ detects it and starts trying reconnect to the server. Because Warcraft III automatically disconnects if no packet from the server is recieved within 65 seconds, GProxy++ sends empty messages to ensure Warcraft III stays in the game. If the reconnect is successful the game can continue. The user of GProxy++ has hereby a limited time amount. This can be set in the ghost.cfg of the GHost++ server. In some rare situations, you only have 65 seconds before you disconnect, without the change of reconnecting again.

GProxy++ supports Windows, Linux and Mac OS and has simple GUI within the shell window, which allows you to chat and usage of normal Battle.Net commands. You actually join the game via the Local Area Network screen in Warcraft III.

First Start

When you start the program the first time, GProxy++ wants some information, like your CD-Keys, username and password and the server you want to connect to.


Some modifications were made by the community, such as using the normal Warcraft III GUI instead of the GProxy++ GUI, or another interface which improves the original GUI.

  • BProxy++ - Uses the normal Warcraft III GUI and is written in Python
  • GProxy WC3 GUI - Similar to BProxy++, also uses the Warcraft II GUI.
  • GProxy++ CursesMod - An improved version of the original GProxy++. It uses PDcurses for a nice colored GUI. Also includes tabs for the features Friends and Clans.
  • GProxy++ For Mac OS X - A package of GProxy++ for Mac OS X.