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LainEth was the first Battle.Net Custom Game Host Bot that was publicly released and free to download. It was written in Visual Basic .NET Framework 2.0 by leax and designed to have fine grained user group and command permission. It also had built in mechanism for spoofcheck, game latency change, player kicking & banning as well as utilizing a back end MySQL database for very basic auto win / loss tracking. The project subsequently became the first league level end to end host bot that implemented ELO rating system for Dota and was eventually made open source on the CodeLain Web Site

Even though for it's revolutionary idea for its time, the project did not gain wide recognition and was left inactive at its unpolished state to be improved by the community at large


A much dumbed down version of LainEth concentrating on user friendliness and ease of setup. User permission tier was reduced to admin only and back end win / loss stat tracking database was completely scrapped. This both served as a simplified end user host bot instead of targeting big clans and league as well as served as a clean and readable template for further development on the hosting scene.

Three major branches were derived from LainEthLite, most prominent and recognizable would be GHost++ by Varlock which is partially C++ port from GHost by MrJag and NetRunner, plus added much much more functionality than anyone ever thought possible. Div Bot - Div League is another branch that was built upon the original architecture and code by Hans2 which is now hosting thousands of games per day as a well established public Dota league. Finally LainNoc was a rewrite of LainEthLite by the original author leax to include some experimental features such as Arai Client & Server