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Lainnoc is a Battlet.Net Custom Game Host Bot, that is written in VB.NET. It was originally made by leax and it requires .NET Framework 3.5 or above to run, which makes it a Windows only application. It comes with a GUI Window where everything is configurable through the main window itself. LainNoc is designed to be of minimal setup, which unfortunately also meant minimal hosting features, but it is beginner friendly.

Screen Shots


Download Stable Build: Lainnoc 0.41


  1. After download, unzip the content and double click on the executable to run.
  2. Fill in the information on the main window, such as Warcraft III Reign of Chaos (ROC) and The Frozen Throne (TFT) CD keys without any separators, War3Path is the location of the installed Warcraft III game path, User Name and Password being the Battle.Net (Realm) account you wish to use (must be pre-made).
  3. Click on the :) side button to initiate log in. Any error you receive will be output under Menu -> Tools -> Log
  4. Once successfully logged on, the bot will attempt to join the Home channel specified

Authenticate & Host

  1. Once after log in Battle.Net, only Admin who authenticated against the bot may access its commands, this is done through whispering command "/w lainnocbot ?admin password" where 'lainnocbot' is bot account name you specified under 'User Name', '?' is the bot command trigger you specified under 'Bot Trigger', 'admin' is the internal authentication command (see full command list below), and 'password' is the the password you specified under 'Bot Password'. Bot should whisper back "Admin access granted" if successful.
  2. You would be able to host a game with command "?pub gamename" by either whispering or talking in same channel where the bot is and proceed to join the hosted game
  3. after joining the game, type "?admin password" directly into the game lobby, please beware that lobby require at least 2 players to accept commands, the password will not be shown to other players and is filtered out by bot, the bot should say "Admin access granted" just like before back in the channel
  4. commands like ?ping, ?country and others below can be entered by the authenticated admin
  5.  ?start to start game

Command List

Battle Net Channel Commands

  • admin <password> - grants bnet admin access
  • version - display LainNoc version
  • say <msg> - relay a msg through bot, can be bnet command such as /join /whisper etc
  • pub / priv <game name> - create game
  • end - end current game, must end all other running game though the GUI or inside them
  • map <map xml file name> - load a new map config
  • game - display running games

Game Lobby Commands

  • admin <password>
  • say <msg>
  • openall / closeall - open all closed clots or close all open slots, this does not refresh game listing, as it is already always doing automatically in the background
  • open / close <slot number> - open or close a slot number
  • res / reserve <playe name> - will let a player with given name join a closed or open slot, note must have open or closed slots available and not filled by any current player
  • swap <slot number> <slot number> - swap 2 player's slots
  • start - start game
  • end - end game lobby or game
  • ping - ping check
  • from / country - country check
  • latency <delay ms> - check or specify game latency

Generating & Loading Map

Hosted maps are actually saved in a XML file format under the map directory. The Bot may load a map XML under Menu -> Map -> Load Map. To create one of these XML files is to simply load the map generator under Menu -> Map -> Map Generator (the Map Generator is actually a Bot client that joins an existing hosted game on Battle.Net and it grabs all the map information such as slots from it). Click on Save to save that information into XML format and load it with the Bot to be able to host that map.


Arai is an experimental feature which essentially lets someone running Warcraft III to join Battle.Net or PVPGN or mixture of many / both while not logged onto them. This is achieved through transporting the game list to the LAN screen where player joins a Battle.Net game through. The whole structure consists of 3 parts, Arai Server, Arai Client and Warcraft III.

Arai Server

Arai Server is essentially a Bot that logs onto a particular Battle.Net or PVPGN, it would require a valid CD Key or log in, depending on the realm's requirements. After logging on, it will just sit in the channel and keep grabbing the game list and it'll send it to all connecting Arai Clients.

Arai Client

Arai Client is ran by users who wish to join Battle.Net or PVPGN games without logging onto the servers. The client will attempt to connect with a available Arai Server and get the game listing off of that. It'll then proceed to populate the Warcraft III LAN screen with the selected game enabling the user can just go to Warcraft III LAN and join the game through there.