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Settings GHost++ on Windows is pretty simple and can be done in a few steps.

Getting your computer ready

In order to download GHost++ you need to do a few things.

1) Download Microsofts Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package (x86)

2) Download .Net Framework 3.5

3) Turn on File Extension viewing.

4) Download GHost++

Configuring GHost++

Now that you have everything ready, it's time to configure GHost++.

1) Depending on how you downloaded GHost++ you need to do the following:

  a) If you used the ZIP method, locate the .zip file, right click on it and excract it anywhere. 
         Preferably your desktop or in your Program Files folder (By default, C:\Program Files). 
         Now open the folder.
  b) If you used the Installer, just go to the directory in which you have chosen to install GHost++ (By default it's C:\Program Files\GHost Bot Files\GHost++)
  c) If you used the SVN just open the folder in which you made the checkout.

2) Open the folder in which you have GHost++ and open the ghost dynamic configurator.exe. (Make sure you have .Net Framework 3.5 or newer installed).

3) When prompted, select to use both of the .cfg files and click 'Ok'.

4) In the Bot tab, some lines you should take note of are:

  a) "war3path" - Make sure that you put the directory in which you keep your Warcraft III files here.
  b) "mappath" - Put the path in which you keep all your Warcraft III maps. By default C:\Program Files\Warcraft III\Maps\Download
  c) "hostport" - The port your bot will use to host games. Make sure it's forwarded, opened and not the same as any other applications port. It's advised to change it to 6113 as Warcraft III uses 6112 by default.
  d) "tft" - If this is ticked the bot will connect to Frozen Throne, if not it will connect to Reign of Chaos.

5) In the Battle.Net tab, lines you should take note of are:

  a) "server" - The server your bot will connect to. Some examples are:,
  b) "cdkeyroc" - Your Reign of Chaos CD-Key. Will always need to be input. Using a separate CD-Key from your Warcraft III is advised. If you only have you read more about the "Admin Game Mode".
  c) "cdkeytft" - Your Frozen Throne CD-Key. You will only need to input it if you have ticked "tft" in the previous tab. Using a different CD-Key from your Warcraft III is advised.
  d) "username" - The username of the account the bot will be using. Must already be made!
  e) "password" - The password of the account previously put.
  f) "firstchannel" - The channel the bot will join when entering
  g) "rootadmin" - The main admin(s) of the bot. Usually your own account name. If you wish to have more people separate by space.

6) If you're new to GHost++ you really don't need to take heed of the othe two tabs so nothing about them will be explained. Click 'run ghost after closing' and close the application after you made all your changes.

You're done! If you filled in everything correctly your bot should have connected by now and is waiting for you in the channel. Enjoy.

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